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[Monday - 09/10/2007 - 8:09am]
WoW....I knew I was a nerd....but not that much of a nerd.

I am nerdier than 94% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!

[Sunday - 04/22/2007 - 1:36am]
I know, I know......

SO what been going on...........

In my life

Well everything is going great. Devon is getting so big. He's running around so much, he eating solid foods (he loves grill cheeses). He also very vocal; his favorite word is Uh-Oh; and like most children he doesnt like the word "NO". He get really upset when he doesnt get his way (we think were entering the "Terrible Twos" early.

Donna been working at Dell know for just over 6 months and she doing incredible. She got a really nice raise and she's in the process of becoming a trainer. SHe really like her work. Her hours havent been to bad but there not the best (they work on the bases of how well your Team preforms and since her Team is full of people who dont really care...).

Myself, well nothing really change I work at the same place (overworkes and underpayed). But I still go in and give 110% everyday. Once Donna is settled in at Dell then I might go and get my GED and look for something else.
Now as for genneral stuff....

Well we bought a Laptop recently and were pretty happy, we've been using it mostly to watch movies in bed and Donna sometimes uses it for work.

Yesterday I finally got around to bying the new .hack game and let me tell you im not very impressed.

Compared to the first one, this one failed to meet my expectations, here's why

1. The control are not smooth
2. The music is nowhere close to being as good
3. You cant select the language you want the charcters to talk in (Int the first games you had the option of English Language or Japanese w/ Eng. Subtitles.)
4. You cant turn off the Charater Text when they speak to you and the go at the same speed and when characters talk to you they follow the text which means when the text stop scrolling the stop speaking and resume when the text does; Its really annoying.
5. To much Story time.
Well i think thats it for now........i think

We got a Laptop [Tuesday - 02/06/2007 - 11:55pm]
Ill post something more indeped later.

Just want to say that we have a Laptop now.

PS3 vs. Wii [Thursday - 01/18/2007 - 12:29am]

PS3 vs. Wii
"PS3 vs. Wii" on Google Video
Wii pwns PS3

Its begining to look a lot like.................lawnmowing??? [Monday - 12/25/2006 - 7:50pm]
Merry Christmas to all my LJ friends.

And yes you read the title right....we are having a green X-Mas this year...its really wierd... I was hoping to go play in the snow with Devon on X-mas this year but I guess that will have to wait till we get some........If we do get some???

HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY [Monday - 12/18/2006 - 8:00pm]
[ mood | excited ]

I just downloaded the best thing in the entire world

4 Concert DVD's of Final Fantasy

- Final Fantasy Black Mages LIVE
- Final Fantasy Black Mages 2nd LIVE ''Above the Sky'' DVD
- Tour de Japon DVD - Music from Final Fantasy
- VOICES ~Music from Final Fantasy 2006~

I plan on watching those tonight....hopefully

Major overdue [Thursday - 11/30/2006 - 7:41pm]
Well im over due for an update.
(There will be pictures once I transfer them.....see further down for explanation)

Devon is now just over a year old, he's almost walking has lots of teeth and has FINALLY started semi-solid foods. He's also saying some words....he knows what Bye-Bye is; he says it to everything, especially his toys. He's also walking which means everything has to go 3 feet off the ground. We had a great little party for his B-Day, had some of are close friends come over.......and I even got a picture of him with his "Uncle" which was a miracle to pull since he's not a picture person. But it will make a great picture to ad to the Baby Picture album.

Donna started working at Dell and she loves it. The pay is great, the benefits are great.....everything about it is great. She really enjoys it, which im really happy for her.

We went to AC3-2006 this year and we had a blast. I dressed up as Hollow-Bankai Ichigo and Donna dressed as Saber from Fate/Stay Night. We didnt take as many pictures as I would've like but that only because I kept forgetting the Camera Upstairs in the Hotel Room. But we had fun, except for the fact that I got asked 7 times if my Black Boken had been registered by the same person in the same day.

Dude....I got a Dell.
Thats right, we bought a new computer because our old one died. After losing 37GB of Data....that was it.


I think thats it for now........I think

oh ya....Im planning to make a new layout............

Overdue update [Monday - 09/18/2006 - 11:34am]
Yeah its been a while.

Whats new in our lives?

Well Devon started DayCare last week, its going really well, Cindy (the caregiver) is really awsome (Donna pointed out that she acts like an old Hippy). Devon seems to like her (but he seens to like anybody that smiles at him, espescially girls). Also he's at the point of almost walking on his own.

Devon now has 6 teeth 2 at the bottom and 4 at the top. He bit my nose last week its was funny cause my nose was covered in Baby drool but it hurt a lot....those chompers are really sharp.

I havent been able to go online in a while because my computer died, well not the computer itself but my CPU Fan (at least I hope thats what it is) so right now im posting this from work. The thing I cant do from work is check email because the firewall at work doesnt allow us to access Web-Based Email Services. So im hoping on Tuesday to go and Pick up a new Fan and hopefully this will solve the issue. If it doesnt work well i guess its time to buy a new computer. I miss watching anime.

So it was been annouced [Saturday - 08/19/2006 - 2:54am]
The Transformer Lineup for the Movie Next Year

The Autobot lineup is pretty decent, the Decpticon one on the other hand has me questioning the writers of the movie
See Line behind cutCollapse )
Im not to impressed with tis but the movie is still a year away so this might change. I will be picking this movie apart as information become available.

So how did you sleep last night???? [Wednesday - 08/16/2006 - 8:43am]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Me not to well.....

Are neighbour (yes, the same one that i've been posting about) were not home yesterday at all and left one of her dogs outside. Well at about 8:30PM its started barking, and barking and barking. it didnt stop till 12:05am when the neighbours finally got home. And I did call bylaw for noise complain and what do they say "We cant do anything because there not home" Great so how am I suppose to go to sleep?????

Anyways so I talk to some of the neighbour (they were up to because of this); some of them are actually affraid to let there kids out in the backyard and play. Finally the property manager showed up and called the police. I dont think anything was done (I went to bed before they arrived). Also, i've come to realize that the Ottawa Bylaw service is fucking useless. I've called 9 time to complain about the fact that she doesnt pick up after were dogs and all they keep doing is giving her fines. I've even asked the Bylaw to call me when theyu are going to come over and I dont hear anything.

So what are we suppose to do? Take care of this ourselves??????
The property managers told me to give them something in wrtiting and they will take care of it. But

So now ive decided trhat if the dogs are barking again tonight or that they have been outside all day. Im calling the Humane Society and Bylaw and I, havign does dogs taken away.

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